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  • Stodden Park Central Improvement Plan – Creating a Perfect Place to Play in Butte

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    Stodden Park located in Butte, Montana has been a source of entertainment and enjoyment dating back to the 1950s.  Multiple memorable events took place at the former Corette Pool (named after Elsie and Jack Corette for their generous 1969 donation), tennis court facility, and the Highland View Golf Course.  Although the strong spirit of the original park remains, some of the park amenities have severely deteriorated over the years.  Only three (3) out of the six (6) tennis courts are playable due to settling issues.  The Corette Pool facility was closed in 2005 due to leakage problems and increasing maintenance costs.



    In attempt to revive Stodden’s outdoor pool facility, a bond issue for a water park was presented to the people of Butte but was rejected by voters in 2011.  The idea of replacing the pool with a water park was revisited and an $8.7 million bond was successfully passed by the people of Butte in 2016, with the help of a $500K donation from Town Pump, as well as other donations from, including but not limited to, CCCS, The Tourism Business Improvement District, Swank Construction, Markovich Construction, McGree Corporation, Glacier Bank, Ray Ueland and the O’Keefe family.  Construction of the new water park is underway and the facility is scheduled to open in the summer of 2018.


    Another new development at Stodden Park is the construction of the Spirit of Columbia Gardens Carousel.  Former Copper King William Andrews Clark built Montana’s first and only amusement park as his gift to the city.  Sadly, the park was demolished in 1973 due to a tragic fire.  A group of volunteers have spent the last two decades raising money with a mission of constructing and operating a Columbia Gardens themed carousel to pay tribute to the original Columbia Gardens.  Construction of the carousel started in 2016 and the facility is scheduled to open for business in 2017.


    To further enhance Stodden Park, Butte-Silver Bow (BSB) received a generous donation from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation in the amount of $2.5 million for designated improvements to Stodden Park.  These improvements are collectively known as the Stodden Park Central Improvement Plan (CIP).  This plan includes the design and construction of a commons area between the new pool and carousel facility, a playground, picnic shelters, renovations to existing tennis courts, utility improvements, additional parking, enhanced traffic flow, storm drainage improvement, irrigation and landscaping improvements.


    The team of Water and Environmental Technologies (WET) and Steiner Thuesen (ST) landscape architects was selected by BSB to complete the CIP project.  WET and ST have been working closely with BSB and the pool and carousel teams to ensure a seamless tie in between each project.  The storm water design for the entire park will be completed under the CIP scope of work and will address multiple drainage issues that have been an issue for years.  The CIP design team has also proposed an additional access and significant new parking throughout the park.  Rerouting of existing utilities will be completed to accommodate all current and anticipated projects.  Lastly, new landscaping and irrigation will be designed to accommodate all the new features at the park.  The CIP project is scheduled to go to construction in Fall of 2017.


    WET is excited and honored to have an opportunity to help restore one of Butte’s signature parks!