Rocky Boy, Montana

WET staff have completed several studies and design projects for the Water Resources Department including providing PS&E packages for a variety of infrastructure projects involving water storage tanks, transmission mains, and providing mitigation wetland design. WET staff have also been involved in developing the water model for Rocky Boy and we have a copy of the WaterCad model which we use to develop and model water-related projects. This experience has given us a thorough understanding of the existing multi-pressure zone water system which currently serves Rocky Boy. WET is very familiar with the inadequate groundwater resources available on the reservation and we recognize the urgent need for additional drinking water supply, storage, and transmission on Rocky Boy and some of our past projects have been focused on mitigating this lack of reliable water supply on the reservation. Tribal staff have the equipment, expertise, and resources to install many of the items included in past projects including water mains and metal and concrete storage tanks. We understand the priority to make projects “owner constructible” and have worked closely with Tribal staff in the past during construction phases of our projects.

WET staffs’ previous project experience at Rocky Boy includes the following:

  • Bonneau Storage Tank
  • TWRD Flood Damage Assessment Reports
  • Northern-Winz Casino Wastewater Assessment Report
  • Agency Water System Improvements
  • Agency/Newtown Tank repair
  • MDF Housing Area water and sewer mains
  • Duck Creek Water System booster pump
  • Newtown Well System
  • Lower Dry Fork Water System improvements
  • St. Marks Tank Preliminary Engineering Report (recently funded)
  • Bonneau Critical Water pipeline–construction inspection services