Great Falls, Montana

The WET team is pleased to have been selected to continue providing environmental consulting services for the most recent GFDA’s Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Grant Project. The GFDA has received a Brownfields RLF grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to support remediation efforts (e.g., loans or subgrants to communities for cleanup planning and remediation) of sites affected by petroleum or other hazardous materials. WET will be providing environmental engineering oversight of Brownfield loans and subgrants made by GFDA to ensure we comply with all applicable EPA and MTDEQ regulations and program requirements. In addition, WET will provide oversight activities that include reviewing and signoff of payment requests, drafting Analyses of Brownfields Cleanups (ABCA), verifying Davis Bacon Compliance, conducting periodic site inspections, providing confirmation of final clean up sampling (QAPP required for all sampling), as well as any additional oversight as requested by GFDA.