Butte, Montana

WET performed an investigation for a client due to the client’s employees reporting health concerns and wanted to make sure their employees were not being exposed to anything at work that could be causing the reported health issues. WET’s certified industrial hygienist (CIH) visited with the client and the employees about the workspace, tasks performed, chemicals utilized in the course of their workday, and did an initial visual inspection of the workspace to identify where potential exposure concerns may exist. A review of the workplace chemical inventory was performed as well as an investigation into potential sources of chemicals in the area surrounding the workplace, which directed the types of indoor area monitoring performed to identify chemicals of potential concern inside the workspace. Chemicals that could cause the health effects being reported by employees were then sampled in each employee’s personal breathing zone to determine if employees were being exposed at unsafe levels. The client was provided recommendations on what controls were necessary to maintain employee exposures below safe levels as well as recommendations for future monitoring to ensure their employees felt their concerns were addressed.