Anaconda, Montana

WET has been working with Anaconda-Deer Lodge County (ADLC) to develop, operate, and manage their Institutional Controls (IC) Program since 2012.  This work entails day to day operation of the multi-faceted Institutional Controls Program which includes the Development Permit System (DPS), Community Protective Measures Program (CPMP), Interior Dust Program, and Soil Swap Program.   WET operates the DPS in coordination with the ADLC Planning Department which includes monitoring of the 811- line location notifications, development of IC work plans for any projects which may encounter mining-related wastes, oversight of soil disturbances, and soil routing using a Field Portable XRF.  WET’s work also includes oversight of the program to maintain and improve its effectiveness and ease of operation for contractor’s, residents, developers, and County employees alike. It also includes operation of the Community Protective Measures Program which provides education and outreach on Superfund related issues and addresses inquiries from the public.  WET staff also operate the Interior Dust Program which offers home assessments and renovation support for residents who are remodeling or have concerns about residual dust in the home.  Our staff also operates the Soil Swap Program which provides residents with garden boxes and clean soil to residents who want a safe place to grow vegetables.  WET has also provided project management and technical services to allow the county to actively participate in Consent Decree negotiations for the Anaconda Smelter Superfund site.  Concurrent with this work, we have been working with the ADLC Superfund Coordinator on a global settlement between the county and Atlantic Richfield and strategic planning for redevelopment and revitalization of the community.