Butte, Montana

WET completed construction management and oversight for an open pit mine expansion project. Prior to the pit expansion commencing, several prerequisite projects were required. The client hired WET to oversee and manage these pre-requisite projects which included topsoil stripping and stockpiling, relocating a drainage to avoid the new pit footprint, implementing a new dewatering system, new stormwater retention basins, and constructing new infiltration ponds and settling ponds. WET’s responsibilities included reviewing and revising existing design documents, developing bid documents and procuring contractor bids, managing and coordinating with numerous contractors and work groups to ensure projects were completed safely and on time, construction staking, construction oversight, quantity verification and reviewing contractor payment applications. The prerequisite projects were completed on a very tight schedule with significant financial impacts to the client if not completed on time. WET ensured that these projects were completed safely and on time. This allowed the mining contractor to begin overburden stripping on time. WET continued construction management and oversight efforts through the duration of the 16-month overburden stripping campaign.