Sheridan County, Wyoming

Beginning in 1999, the staff of the Sheridan Office, completed initial title work on behalf of the Pittsburg & Midway Coal Company for acquisition of lands in Sheridan County which ultimately evolved into a joint venture between Chevron and Consolidation Coal of what is now known as the Youngs Creek Mine. Sheridan staff provided technical support for a coal exchange and acted as the prime contractor and permit coordinator for the greenfield coal permit application, with baseline studies commencing in 2006, submittal in 2010, and permit approval received in July 2011. In addition to compilation of the Adjudication File, extensive land work from patent to current owner, and included lease negotiations was completed by the Sheridan office land staff. The Youngs Creek Mine is one of the few coal mines in the western United States with no federal coal under the mine plan. As one would imagine, the adjudication file for a fee coal mine is more complex than those with federal and state leases predominating mine plans. Apart from one renewal, Sheridan staff have completed turn-key applications for two 5-year term renewals and two permit transfers, the last completed for this mine in 2021.