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  • Water & Environmental Technologies


    Water & Environmental Technologies (WET) is a full-service environmental consulting firm that offers civil engineering and provides solutions for a wide range of markets with locations in Butte, Anaconda, Bozeman, and Great Falls, Montana.


    Our business was formed by a diverse group of experienced engineering and environmental consulting professionals. We serve a wide variety of clients throughout Montana and the Pacific Northwest. WET provides investigation, cleanup, engineering design, site development, and environmental permitting services for customers in the following markets:

    + Industrial/Commercial
    + Energy
    + Petroleum & Gas
    + Mining
    + Agriculture
    + Government/Municipal
    + Superfund


    WET’s civil and environmental service areas focus on soil and water remediation, site development and permitting, and storm water/wastewater infrastructure design, as well as groundwater resource development, monitoring, and protection. WET’s principals have strong applied educational backgrounds in civil, environmental, geological, and geophysical engineering, as well as hydrogeology, biology, and other earth sciences. We have many years of experience in engineering design, surface water quality monitoring in Butte, ground water supply and exploration, monitoring, remediation, and regulatory compliance. Therefore we are uniquely qualified to provide top-notch civil and environmental consulting services.


    WET aspires to the highest standard of quality customer service and understands the importance of its clients’ needs. As a result, our customer service goes beyond our relationship with you, our client. It also includes communication and teamwork with important regulatory agencies such as the EPA, state departments, and local environmental and health departments. We pride ourselves in the commitment to completing your project in a timely, professional manner and always within budget.


    For more information on our environmental engineering services, please call us at 1.406.782.5220 or contact us for a free consultation.


    WET provides valuable consulting services to its clients, developing engineering and hydrologic solutions to a wide variety of water and environmental-related problems.



    WET serves a broad set of markets; Energy, Petroleum, Mining, local Governments and more. We have the experience and professional team to provide lasting solutions to nearly any market.