Black Eagle, Montana

The Black Eagle Water & Sewer District’s (District) wastewater system needs rehabilitation due primarily to private, illegal sewer main extensions and long, multiple sewer services that are vulnerable to service backups due to being overwhelmed or plugged. WET provided these engineering services after securing funds through the Montana Coal Endowment Program (MCEP). To date, parts of the system have been rehabilitated via CIPP or replacement, but a significant portion of the current system is between 56 to 90 years old and needs replacement. The District’s wastewater system rehabilitation project will replace over 3,800 feet of sanitary sewer collection system mains. ARPA grant funds will reimburse eligible expenses for engineering, construction, and contingency associated with the following activities: Replacement of 8” Sanitary Sewer mains (3,871 LF), Installation of 48” Sewer Manholes (20), Installation of Sanitary Service connections, and Asphalt and Gravel Surfacing Restoration.