Rocky Boy, Montana

Rocky Boy Environmental Health Department

WET has provided successful management, technical review, and monitoring for numerous Rock Boy Environmental Health Department projects which have resulted in millions of dollars in funding for the reservation over the years. These projects have included the following: Agency Lagoon Phased Construction Services; Bonneau Lagoon Expansion MDF PER; Chippewa-Cree Wastewater Needs Assessment; Northern-Winz Casino Lagoon evaluation; Phase Il Wastewater Treatment Improvement; Sangrey Lagoon Replacement; Multi-Community Lagoon; Agency Lagoon Cell #2 Reconstruction; Agency Lagoon Easement Survey; FEMA project-Agency Lagoon Relocation-lift stations-force main and treatment facility; Agency Northwest Wastewater; Boneau Lagoon Expansion; Agency Lagoon Cell #1 Replacement; and EMT Trailer Sanitary Sewer Service.

Rocky Boy Engineering Reports and Sanitary Projects

The project included the preparation of three Engineering Project Reports for submission to the Billings Area Indian Health Service to procure funding for the Lower Dry Fork Wastewater Treatment Facility, the Box Elder East Wastewater Treatment Facility, and a new Septage Tank Contents Receiving Station.

Rocky Boy Senior Citizens Housing Project

This project included the design of a 31-home housing subdivision adjacent to the clinic. WET was responsible for aiding RJS during the grant process, complete project design, assistance with the bidding process, and construction inspection.