Southwestern Montana

WET was contracted to obtain approval for the change of use of an existing well to a public water supply for a small business in southwestern Montana. Because of property size limitations and the location of an onsite wastewater treatment system, an existing well needed to be used as a PWS well. Permitting was complicated, because the well had not been drilled to PWS specifications nor permitted by MDEQ prior to drilling.

WET designed retrofits to the existing well construction to meet MDEQ construction standards and completed the permitting for the well including a water treatment system design for chlorination of the well water. This entailed the facilitation of multiple meetings between MDEQ, the landowners and WET personnel. Detailed plans, specifications and engineering drawings for the well construction re-design, water treatment system, distribution system and operation and maintenance were developed in conjunction with the permitting process and construction oversight was provided. In addition, a Source Water Protection Plan was developed for this water supply.