WET Has Been Serving Various Markets Since 2000

WET’s comprehensive skills and expertise are a valued resource to its clients across the Rocky Mountain region. WET provides services for every stage of even the largest and most complex projects, and our focus is on understanding and meeting the needs of our clients across a variety of industries. We develop this focus by researching and understanding industry trends, in addition to participating in professional and industry-related organizations. Our team has expertise in both environmental and civil engineering disciplines, as well as additional planning and technical services. Our value is derived from having a comprehensive understanding of each industry we work in and knowing our clients’ specific needs in nearly any market.

Industrial & Commercial

WET’s diverse industrial experience and expertise in both the environmental and civil engineering disciplines provide value to our industrial clients.


WET looks beyond specifics to understand the connections between projects and the communities they serve.

Petroleum, Oil, & Gas

WET has been serving the oil and gas industry for decades.


From procurement support to construction services and construction management for new and existing mines, we can assist mining and mineral exploration companies in various capacities.


WET has had an active role in helping farmers, agricultural organizations, and local governments to identify and implement proper environmental management practices.

Government & Municipal

Whether we’re planning water treatment systems and roadways or designing parks and open spaces, we take a holistic and sustainable approach.


From site investigation to remedial planning and design, to construction and long-term operation, WET can provide complete project life cycle support.