Yakima, Washington

Cow Palace Dairy CAFO Pond Upgrade (Northwest Catch Basin). The Cow Palace dairy near Yakima, Washington, hired WET to provide engineering services to complete the design of the new CAFO waste management pond (NW Catch Basin), stormwater management, and construction oversight. Services included pond design, liner design, leak detection design, hydraulic structure design, construction management, and associated permitting. Concerning remediation contaminated soils under the existing lagoons were land farmed at agronomic rates and seeded to reduce nutrient concentrations in the soil. The project was completed under the EPA Administrative Order, in full compliance with EPA Regulation.  The project aided the client in avoiding fines and re-establishing a good relationship with federal regulators. Based on the contaminant and source characteristics, WET aided in the negotiation of remedial strategy during litigation.  Waste removal, lagoon lining, and MNA were identified as the preferred remediation technique.