Southwest Montana

The Headwaters Brownfields Coalition, consisting of members of a local nonprofit and commissioners from a seven-county region in Southwest Montana, contracted WET in 2018 to provide QEP services for their Brownfields Assessment Grant. As QEP, WET team members organized and participated in public information sessions, coordinated Brownfields training for coalition staff, developed the Programmatic Quality Assurance Project Plan (PQAPP) and Property-Specific Sampling and Analysis Plan (PSAP) to guide all Phase I and Phase II ESA activities, and participated in a focused land use/Brownfields assessment planning effort for the “Butte Auto Row” area—a two-city block area in Uptown Butte with multiple Brownfields sites and redevelopment opportunities. Additionally, WET completed seven Phase I ESAs and nine Phase II ESAs for the Headwaters Grant Program properties that included:

Former YMCA—Butte, Montana

As QEP, WET provided services for a large, multi-story historic building being redeveloped for mixed use.

New Dairy Queen Restaurant—Butte, Montana

As QEP, WET provided services for a former gas station that was demolished and replaced with a new Dairy Queen restaurant.

New Micro Distillery—Anaconda, Montana

As QEP, WET provided services for a commercial building in downtown Anaconda (one under county ownership and the other under private ownership) being redeveloped into a micro-distillery.