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  • Pay your project invoice or purchase a bid package

    Conveniently pay for your invoice or purchase a bid package using a debit or credit card, ACH (electronic transfer of funds), or check.

    Debit and Credit Card Payment
    A 3% processing fee will be assessed on all credit card transactions.  There is no associated fee when you pay with a debit card. You will be required to enter your company name, phone number, WET Project # (as listed on the invoice) and the invoice #.  A receipt will be emailed to the address you include on our payment page.  Our accounting team will be happy to assist you with any questions on our process.

    ACH (Automated Clearing House)—Electronic Transfer of Funds Payment
    Please contact our accounting team to initiate this type of transaction.

    Check Payment
    Please make checks payable to Water & Environmental Technologies and mail to:

    Water & Environmental Technologies
    480 East Park Street
    Butte, Montana 59701