Polson, Montana

WET personnel conducted a groundwater availability assessment for the City of Polson in an area commonly referred to as the East Shore. The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate groundwater quantity and quality in the area to identify areas that may have favorable conditions for drilling a new PWS well. Eight water-quality samples were collected from existing wells, resulting in some areas being omitted from consideration based upon the exceedance of secondary maximum contaminant levels (SMCLs) in the groundwater. Preferred drilling areas were narrowed, and a final site selected to drill and construct a test well. Preliminary testing indicated the desired well yield and water quality could be attained.

The project culminated in the construction of the City’s PWS Well No. 8, which was pump tested at 700 gallons per minute (gpm) and approved by DEQ for connection to the distribution system. The City is currently in the process of installing the infrastructure. A Redundant Well Construction Notice was filed to add the new well as a point of diversion to an existing under-utilized water right.