Butte, Montana

Friday, March 1  |  10:00 am-5:00 pm
Butte Brewing Event Room

Imagine if we shared with you that dedicating just one hour of your time could profoundly alter someone’s life. It’s true. In the span of reading this blog, nearly 100 individuals will undergo lifesaving blood transfusions. By investing a mere hour in donation, you have the power to contribute something truly extraordinary. Well, WET is here to make donating easy, fun, and even more rewarding as we gear up for the WET Annual Blood Drive here in beautiful Butte, Montana!

Since 2019, we’ve partnered with Vitalant and have been dedicated to organizing and executing this impactful event, pausing only in 2021 due to ongoing Covid-19 protocols. Setting ambitious donor goals each year has become a tradition for us, and we’re proud to share that since our initial drive, we’ve consistently surpassed our target goals and are now growing a wonderful community of registered donors. The WET blood drive metrics since 2019 are as follow:









What sets the WET blood drive apart? It’s the incredible backing we receive from our local sponsors! Every year, numerous local businesses generously contribute fantastic door prizes and swag, creating a spectacular thank-you experience for our donors.

It’s our way of saying thank you for giving the most fabulous gift one can donate—blood!

In 2019, we began with five sponsors, including 5518, Beauty on Broadway, Butte Brewing, Headframe Spirits, and WET! We are thrilled to announce that last year, we expanded to an extraordinary 30 sponsors—filling the room with amazing door prizes and swag bags!

Donating blood is of paramount importance due to its critical role in meeting the ever-present demand for lifesaving transfusions. One compelling reason is that one in seven individuals admitted to a hospital will require blood at some point, highlighting the constant need for a sufficient blood supply. Additionally, the urgency is underscored by the fact that every two seconds, someone in the United States requires a blood transfusion, emphasizing the ongoing and pervasive nature of this need. By donating blood, individuals directly contribute to maintaining an adequate blood reserve, ensuring that medical professionals have the necessary resources to address emergencies, surgeries, and various medical conditions, ultimately saving lives and promoting overall community health.

Blood, making up about 7% of our body weight, is a lifeline. There’s a circulatory marvel in every adult—10 to 12 pints of blood coursing through 60,000 miles of vessels, enough to encircle the earth’s equator two and a half times. Our body works like a busy factory, producing a remarkable 180 million red blood cells per hour. These cells, vital for oxygen transport, last around 120 days, needing replacement through transfusion within 42 days. Platelets, crucial for clotting, last only five days. Plasma, 92% water, carries nutrients. By donating blood, individuals sustain this intricate system, ensuring a stable supply for medical treatments and saving lives.

Hold on, there’s more! Apart from our annual blood drive, WET has also been organizing a concurrent food drive in recent years. In 2022, we collected nearly 15 pounds of food (equivalent to 5-6 large boxes) and contributed to the Montana Tech Food Pantry. This pantry serves as a resource for students facing financial challenges and empty stomachs.

We raised about the same amount in 2023 and all food donations supported the Butte Pantry program, which establishes pantries across town to assist struggling families with provisions for adults, kids, babies, and even pets, available day and night any day of the week!

Preparing for Donation Day

As we prepare for another year of making a positive impact on people’s lives, join us in the spirit of giving and saving lives at WET’s annual blood drive! Before extending a helping hand by rolling up your sleeve, make sure to care for yourself too. Enjoy a healthy, low-fat meal within two hours of your donation—and the day before indulging in a salty snack to replenish the gram of salt you’ll lose during the process.

This will help to maintain your blood pressure. Stay hydrated by drinking 8 to 16 ounces of non-alcoholic beverages an hour before donating, with water or sports drinks as excellent choices. Remember to bring your ID, to ensure a smooth process. We are looking forward to having you on board, and together, we’ll accomplish something incredible! Now, let’s go save lives!

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