Wise River, Montana

WET was contracted with a private business owner in Wise River, Montana to site, design, permit, and construct a new public water supply well serving a bar/restaurant and mobile home park in the Big Hole Valley.  The purpose for the new well was to replace the site’s existing water well in support of further development and additional water users on the property.

WET chose a suitable location for the replacement well was located, prepared the required permits for submittal to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), and, upon DEQ approval, drilled and tested the new well.  The well was constructed with six-inch diameter steel casing and stainless-steel well screen, almost identically to the proposed construction of the Stephens Creek well.

WET personnel conducted a 24-hour pump test on the new well, and results indicated that the well is capable of flow rates in excess of 80 gallons per minute (gpm), up from the approximately 20 gpm capacity of the original site well.