Butte, Montana

Harrington Bottling is a regional bottler of Pepsi products requiring significant volumes of high-quality water for production. Because of growing demand, Harrington Bottling of Butte needed additional water supply for their bottling plant on Holmes Avenue. WET supplied turnkey development of a high production well for the facility. Using site specific telescoping drilling methods, special screen and natural filter pack, the project team was able to complete a high volume well with excellent water quality that provides water for the bottling process. WET continues to provide annual maintenance service on the well to ensure proper operation for many years. Due to increased production and as a safety measure, WET has installed a backup well to ensure continuous operation at the facility. Finally, in addition to the production well design and installation, WET provided a source water protection assessment to analyze existing and potential threats to the quality of water for the well(s). Harrington Bottling Co. operates under the Public Water Source ID MT0003882.