Sheridan County, Wyoming

WET personnel (Aqua Terra Consultants, Inc., prior to 2021 merger of operations) completed oversight of final reclamation, Phase I, II and II Bond Releases and associated verifications, and Termination of Jurisdiction (State/Federal). Beginning in 1998, in concert with a single Kiewit Environmental manager, final reclamation activities commenced. WET Personnel (Aqua Terra Consultants, Inc. prior to 2021 merger of operations), acted essentially as retained professional staff to support the single Kiewit Environmental manager assigned to close the Big Horn Coal Mine. Activities included oversight of remaining reclamation and restoration activities, acting as representative and agent during agency inspections, conducting all hydrologic monitoring activities, preparing all reclamation verifications, defining reclaimed areas into logical release units based upon period of disturbance and associated performance standards. Maintained close agency coordination and communication to assure timely and successful series of bond release applications that culminated with final permit releases associated with the last of the facility areas in 2022 and termination of jurisdiction and release of all bonds. Big Horn Coal is the first mine in the State of Wyoming to have completed this process over all its mine permit lands.