WET’s geoscience personnel have extensive experience in siting and development groundwater supply and production wells, including well design, permitting, and source water protection

Our experience includes selection of the appropriate design for each project, from test holes, small diameter monitoring wells, to higher capacity production wells for a broad range of markets.

During a well water design project, our clients can expect expert and accurate water supply feasibility studies. Based on these studies, WET’s personnel work to design and implement the right strategy for an efficient cost-effective project.

Clear communication with all parties involved in the project, including our clients, general contractors, and subcontractors, is key to ensure that the selected strategy is implemented effectively and efficiently to deliver a project on time and within project budget.

Water availability is dependent on aquifer characteristics for a specific location with production rates, quality, and long-term yield being key components of a water supply project. Our focus on fieldwork allows us direct observation of the geology of a given location.

Whether in alluvial or bedrock settings, our experience results in aquifer-specific well design to maximize production and minimize cost.