WET’s diverse industrial experience and expertise in both the environmental and civil engineering disciplines provides value to our industrial clients

WET has extensive experience providing environmental and civil engineering services for large industrial and commercial clients such as utility companies, fertilizer producers, coal, heavy metals, and industrial mineral mining companies, oil and natural gas exploration and production companies, pharmaceutical research and production companies, compost producers, and other types of manufacturers.

WET has diverse experience working on different types of industrial projects. Some examples of major projects for industrial clients include:

  • Industrial landfill design, permitting, and construction oversight
  • Groundwater and surface water remediation system design and construction oversight
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring
  • Site investigation and evaluation
  • Haul road design and construction oversight
  • 3D UAV surveys of ore piles, pits, landfills, and waste disposal sites
  • Wastewater lagoon design and construction oversight
  • Groundwater control system design and construction oversight
  • Dewatering system design and construction oversight
  • Process pond design and construction oversight
  • Process piping system design and construction oversight
  • Secondary containment design and construction oversight
  • Surface and stormwater conveyance infrastructure design and construction oversight
  • Water treatment design and construction oversight

WET has industrial clients at many different sites located in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Washington, and Colorado. WET design team members are licensed in multiple Rocky Mountain states and can obtain licenses in most states. The WET team has diverse experience working with multiple regulatory agencies from different states and understands the importance of comprehending local, state, and federal regulations that may affect industrial clients and their projects.

WET strives to work closely with our client’s production, environmental, and operations personnel from the early stages of design through project completion to ensure designs of new or retrofitted infrastructure are successfully integrated into production while minimizing impacts to our client’s production schedule and fulfilling their design goals. Projects may be part of regular capital improvement plans, facility expansions or closures, special projects, maintenance turnarounds, or driven by regulatory requirements.