Sheridan, Wyoming

Prior to 2022, Water & Environmental Technologies, Inc (WET) had opened offices throughout Montana including Butte (headquarters), Bozeman, Anaconda, Great Falls, and Kalispell; however, we had yet to open a base of operations outside of Montana’s boarders. That all changed as we welcomed the year 2022.

In 2021, WET initiated talks about acquiring Aqua Terra Consulting (ATC), a company based in Sheridan, Wyoming. ATC offered a wide range of services, such as water rights management, mineral and surface estate analysis and reporting, contaminant hydrology expertise, as well as due diligence and compliance services. ATC was founded to provide mine planning, land management, and geological consulting services with a strong focus on honesty and integrity. They are dedicated to building real and trustworthy relationships with their clients by offering high-quality, professional consulting services at fair prices. Their long-standing success in different economic situations reflects the expertise that they bring to WET, and their enduring client relationships demonstrate their commitment to delivering excellent service.

Starting on January 1, 2022, ATC rebranded as WET and, while retaining its previous service offerings, now benefits from the additional support and resources of the WET team. Notably, with the merger of ATC, WET was able to introduce mineral/surface estate research and reporting services for the very first time in the company’s history.

Thanks to ATC’s established achievements and networks, along with WET’s substantial capabilities, this office became capable of handling an increased number of projects and larger volumes of work. The senior consultants brought over a century of experience in these disciplines that span the United States to WET. Shortly after the acquisition of ATC, WET expanded its workforce in the Sheridan office by bringing in additional professionals to assist in managing the growing workload!

ATC brought with the following expertise areas:

Mine Planning—Coal & Non-Coal

• Mine and reclamation planning
• Turn-key permitting
• Environmental Impact Statements
• Bond calculations

Land Management

• Legal estate research and documentation management
• Mineral abstracting
• Water rights management
• Digital mapping and database design


• Geologic mapping and resource evaluation
• Surface water and groundwater analyses
• Water resource development
• Environmental

“We are extremely happy to welcome ATC and EDE into the WET family.  ATC and EDE has more than 30 years of expertise solving complex environmental and engineering problems for its clients, and their commitment to client service makes them a perfect fit with our team. We look forward to building upon their legacies.”

In September 2023, our Sheridan office experienced further growth through the acquisition of Environmental Design Engineering (EDE), a small Sheridan-based firm established in 1985. EDE specializes in geosciences, engineering, and environmental permitting, aligning perfectly with WET’s expertise. We are thrilled to welcome the new team members and their valued clients.

The addition of EDE Consultants enhances WET’s capabilities, bringing in technical expertise to navigate projects from concept to design, regulatory approval, construction, operation, and reclamation. Their team excels in assessing and managing water resources, environmental engineering, mine water remediation, and environmental permitting and compliance. Moreover, they have a wide-reaching network of highly qualified professionals across various fields who can provide support when needed. EDE also introduces a prestigious list of clienteles, including major global mining corporations among various other industries. This acquisition opens doors to clients we have not previously had the opportunity to serve, broadening and diversifying our portfolio within the mining industry. It represents a significant milestone for WET, as it allows us to attract top-tier talent and expand our marketing reach throughout the Mountain West states!

EDE brought with the following expertise areas:

Environmental and Water Resource Management

• Promoting responsible, sustainable water and resource use
• Implementing pollution monitoring and prevention strategies
• Complying with environmental laws and regulations

Environmental and Water Resource Engineering

• Sustainably using water and resources for current needs
• Implementing pollution control strategies
• Ensuring compliance with environmental laws

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Design

• Developing systems to treat industrial wastewater
• Designing wastewater treatment solutions for resource recovery
• Ensuring that industrial wastewater treatment comply with regulations

Regulatory Permitting and Compliance

• Understanding complex regulatory frameworks, permits, and licenses
• Evaluating project environmental impacts for regulatory compliance
• Monitoring, auditing, and reporting for regulatory compliance