WET is experienced in all aspects of water right consulting, including adjudication, new appropriations of both surface water and groundwater and change applications

WET has a core group of hydrogeologists versed in all types of water rights projects. We have worked on water rights permitting issues for private and municipal water supplies, industrial users, water bottling companies, golf courses, and groundwater source heating/cooling systems for commercial and residential development. Each water rights project has its own unique issues, and WET personnel will develop site-specific solutions for each project’s individual needs and we have provided permitting services on many different types of projects for various needs.

Our staff is experienced in evaluating project objectives and developing a permitting solution to meet those objectives.

From defining the project goals, to developing a plan and application to meet those goals, to explaining objectives to regulatory officials or other stakeholders; WET has the expertise to not only complete the project, but to do it on time and within budget.

With water rights issues, WET strives to identify and prioritize the potential issues and address them early in the process, as these projects typically take time to guide through the regulatory process.