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    WET’s Geoscience Engineering group is diverse, with hundreds of years of combined experience in hydrogeology, engineering, and environmental services. Our history is based in groundwater quality and contaminant related issues, and water resource development.


    The Geoscience Engineering group is comprised of hydrogeologists and environmental engineers with diverse experience and capable of managing a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and private issues related to soil and groundwater contamination, as well as hydrogeologic studies for source water availability, production, and quality. Our knowledge and experience in hydrogeologic studies and understanding of the interaction between soils, groundwater, and surface water systems, combined with our focus on field work, provides for efficient and accurate assessments of systems.


    Society is directly dependent on sources of water for either drinking or for commercial operations, and WET understands the importance and necessity of a quality water supply. The primary source for quality water in rural areas is groundwater. WET provides all aspects of source water development support including; well siting, design, testing, and permitting; to full distribution system engineering and source water protection. WET’s experience provides for design of wells and water supply systems for private individuals, irrigators, communities, or municipalities. Our team also provides assistance with establishing water rights or assisting in adjusting existing water rights to meet current beneficial use demands.


    In addition to water resources, our geosciences group provides guidance and assistance for compliance with regulatory requirements, or to assist those impacted by unlawful release or poor management practices. Our experience working with Local, State, and Federal agencies and our understanding of criteria for compliance allows us to efficiently establish a scope to bring your facility to compliance. WET has established a great reputation as a firm with high quality investigative data collection and data analysis for site characterization of uniform to complex geologic and hydrogeologic settings.


    Our detailed approach to initial site investigation allows us to efficiently determine if a site is within compliance, the degree and extent of impacts to the environment, develop an accurate site conceptual model, and work with regulators to establish a detailed monitoring program. Our knowledge and experience to implement detailed data analysis of geochemistry and contaminant chemistry allows us to determine potential contaminant pathways and transport mechanisms and determine if the environment is being impacted by specific business practices. Following site characterization our personnel is able to effectively implement corrective measures, either by adjusting management practices, designing engineering controls to manage wastes, or initiating remedial technologies for soil and groundwater remediation. Our experience includes small scale retail fuel releases to large commercial/industrial facilities.


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