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  • Fertilizer Plant Phase 1 Secondary Containment

    WET has completed design and construction management services of a fertilizer plant secondary containment system. The plant processes phosphate ore to produce fertilizer used in the agricultural industry. The plant infrastructure includes a series of process pipes used to convey process by-products and recirculate process water within the plant site. Recent plant upgrades included installing new process pipes integrated with a secondary containment system that contains leaks. WET designed the new pipe system with the secondary containment system that contains leaks, automatically notifies control personnel of leaks, and collects the effluent where it can be easily evacuated. The system consists of a HDPE lined ditch and basin integrated with automated level monitoring equipment and evacuation sumps. The process pipes were replaced with new pipe and realigned with the secondary containment system so any pipe leaks are contained, and directed to a sump where effluent can be evacuated. WET’s tasks included site survey, geotechnical investigation, pipe design, monitoring equipment design, liner design, bid specification writing, construction management, QA/QC management, and construction completion reporting. The first phase of the system was successfully designed and built within budget and the plant has continued with the second phase of the project to other parts of the plant.