Whether we’re planning water and sanitary sewer systems or designing roadways, parks, or open spaces, we take a big-picture, life cycle-conscious approach

WET has provided all types of environmental, engineering, construction management, and technical support services to local, state, and federal government bodies for many years, serving public agencies has been a hallmark of WET’s mission since its inception. Our services include master planning, facility design and construction, logistics and transportation support, asset management, environmental remediation, and critical infrastructure sustainability projects. We also provide information technology support, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and data management services.  Whether we’re planning water and sanitary sewer systems or designing roadways, parks, or open spaces, we take a big-picture, life cycle-conscious approach.

WET builds positive, lasting partnerships with many local communities and we are able to respond to a community’s unique challenges because we live, work, and raise our families in these same communities. We believe that a community’s investment in its public infrastructure systems helps shape its character for generations to come. From funding assistance and project planning to operations and maintenance, we provide a full range of services that increases a community’s value. Through proven leadership and collaboration, we help cities improve quality of life and address regulatory mandates with locally driven solutions. In a world where cities are increasingly complex, we make it simple by providing multiple services through one source.

WET undertakes major infrastructure projects and assignments from conceptual and feasibility studies through detailed engineering, procurement, and construction-management contracts, and finally to operational and maintenance management. WET is currently engaged on municipal sanitary sewer, stormwater, wastewater treatment facility, solid waste, and water system projects in several communities.

Public leaders and agency directors at the state and local levels are under increasing pressure to not only maintain current levels of service, but to do so while addressing increased population demands, changing regulatory requirements, aging infrastructure, rising costs across the board, and unprecedented budgetary constraints.

With experience in multiple states in the Northwest, WET knows how to craft solutions that meet the site-specific needs of state and local governments as well as stakeholders. WET’s staff have worked with government clients for over two decades, providing management, technical services, and information technology services in a variety of areas including municipal water, stormwater and sanitary sewer systems, hazardous waste investigation/remediation, emergency management/planning, water resources, and transportation.