WET looks beyond specifics to understand the connections between projects and the communities they serve

Whether energy is developed from renewable energy resources such as wind and solar or from more traditional sources like coal, the energy-generation and transmission process can be challenging in the face of ever-increasing regulations. WET’s energy experts have in-depth knowledge of the many environmental management and compliance hurdles that energy industry leaders face. WET has a reputation for excellence in the energy field, as our professionals have over three decades of continuous service in natural gas, electricity, wind, and solar transmission and distribution. At the forefront of advancements in efficiency and sustainability, WET is turning proven experience and innovative thinking into exceptional results on projects around the Rocky Mountain region. WET’s integrated approach delivers full life-cycle support to help clients meet those challenges.

Energy producers must meet the growing market demand for fuel in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Yet a host of environmental regulations and public scrutiny make obtaining permits for exploration, drilling, and pipeline construction more challenging. Our team provides environmental services and in-depth knowledge of federal, state, and local environmental regulations for conventional and unconventional gas and oil projects from the conceptual design and planning stages through construction, operations, and closeout. We understand the constraints the industry faces as well as the supporting infrastructure and permitting timelines, which we work to align with the overall project schedule. What’s more, we can mobilize our technical experts to widely dispersed locales, under tight schedules and unfavorable weather conditions, to keep your projects on track.

Above all, WET looks beyond specifics to understand the connections between projects and the communities they serve. This approach is possible because of our people. We assign the right people for every project, and we ensure our services are delivered by professionals who see the entirety of each project’s impact. Whether WET is helping cope with changing industry regulations or dealing with infrastructure challenges, our staff make sure our work goes beyond immediate project conditions to provide lasting value to our clients and the communities they serve. Through our energy services, we do more than advance projects, we advance companies and communities.