WET has completed multiple sewer main extension designs to support municipal, commercial, and industrial growth

WET has submitted numerous Circular 2 Sewer Main Extension Reports to DEQ and has a great track record of receiving approval in timeframes shorter than other firms. We provide pretreatment consulting services for both municipal and private clients.

EPA’s Pretreatment Program prevents the introduction of pollutants to the Wastewater Treatment Plant that would cause interference of the treatment process or pass through of pollutants above water quality standards to surface of groundwater.

WET has provided technical support to develop entire Pretreatment programs.

Services include municipal ordinance and local limits development, industrial users waste surveys, management of industrial users’ inventory, Emergency Response Plans (ERPS), permit application templates, permit writing, permit enforcement, industrial user inspection, quality assurance and quality control/Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAPs), and EPA audit support.

WET also provides technical support to industrial users to help characterize waste streams and develop treatment technologies to meet pretreatment limits imposed by EPA and local entities.