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    WET has extensive experience in Litigation Support projects ranging from regulatory issues to water rights issues to remediation of complex contaminated sites. This experience is both on the plaintiffs and defendants side of the issue, depending on our evaluation of the issue.


    Our staff started providing expert witness services in the early 1990s with a case involving contamination at a County Landfill and a UST leak at a Gas Station. Since then, we have participated in lawsuits pertaining to Leaky USTs, industrial facilities, chemical storage, pipelines, water rights, and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). We have been involved in every aspect of legal actions, usually starting with discovery, independent data collection and regulation research; and ending with a settlement or verdict.


    With respect to Litigation teams, WET knows how to interact with attorneys and experts of other disciplines to aid in the understanding of complex contaminant migration issues, contaminant fate and transport characteristics, remedial measures and finally restoration or remediation costs and damages.


    WET personnel have acted as lead expert, where they have assembled or directed the team of experts needed to characterize the technical aspects of a case, and effectively communicate these issues to a judge or jury.


    We have participated in hundreds of depositions, have been “on the stand” over 30 times and involved in arbitration or settlement negotiations on multiple occasions. The various settlements we have been involved with resulted in changing of regulations, remediation of private properties and individual settlements in excess of $50,000,000.


    Our approach to litigation support issues is simple:
    1. Collect your own data
    2. Thoroughly research the issue
    3. Understand the site characteristics
    4. Understand the contaminant characteristics
    5. Apply scientifically supported, common sense solutions
    6. Explain these solutions in a simple straightforward manner. If all parties understand the issue and the potential solutions, a responsible, equitable solution is more likely.


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