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    GIS Mapping
    Water & Environmental Technologies GIS consulting team offers a wide variety of GIS mapping services:


    • Environmental Data Mapping
    • Stormwater
    • City & County GIS Database Development
    • Transportation Modeling
    • Watershed Analysis
    • Data Conversion/Analysis


    GPS Mapping
    Water & Environmental Technologies (WET) offers GPS (Global Positioning System) mapping services to provide better accuracy in locating site features. This mapping can be used to locate streams, wetlands, bore holes, monitoring wells, weeds and other important features identified on a site.


    Our Trimble GeoXH mapping units use H-Star Technology to provide sub-foot corrected mapping accuracy. Mapping accuracy of the GeoXH is more variable and is dependent on canopy cover, but can provide sub-foot accuracy.


    Saving You Time & Money with Fast Data
    Water & Environmental Technologies (WET) typically uses its GPS equipment to provide timely and accurate mapping of environmental features. This mapping typically saves time and money over conventional survey methods. We can normally provide a map of our findings within 1-2 days following completion of the field work, versus 2 weeks or more for a typical survey crew. The field data is downloaded, exported to GIS, and then over-laid onto a base map. As with any GPS system, there are some limitations. The GPS is a mapping quality system and does not replace conventional surveying when survey quality accuracy is required.



    Custom Programming
    WET’s award winning programmers have extensive experience developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications and customizing world-leading GIS software from ESRI such as ArcGIS, ArcPad and ArcGIS Server.


    We offer those services to both governments and private industry and have experience in a wide variety of fields.


    Examples of applications our GIS consulting staff has developed:


    • Anaconda Deer Lodge County parcel mapping website.
    • ArcPad Aerial Quail Survey tool for ArcPad.
    • ArcGIS random sampling tool.
    • Add XYZ+ script for ArcPad.
    • Custom forms generator/data dictionary converter.
    • Custom ArcPad checkout from ArcGIS to ArcPad.
    • Water monitoring application for ArcPad.
    • Mosquito data management software for ArcPad and ArcGIS.


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    Lower Clark Fork Road Sediment Assessment
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    Clearwater Unit Road Inventory and Mapping Project
    WET was contracted to inventory roads and located in the Blackfoot and Clearwater River Basins of west-central Montana within a spatial accuracy of 40 feet. This involved...
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