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  • Wyoming Power Plant

    WET personnel have provided engineering/environmental consulting services at a four burner, coal-fired power generator since 1992. It is one of the biggest power generation facilities in the northwestern United States. The facility uses dry disposal of ash byproducts in a Subtitle D permitted landfill and wet disposal of flue gas desulfurization waste in evaporation ponds. WET has provided a wide range of services to the facility including a detailed investigation of complex fractured bedrock geology and multiple aquifer characterization to understand contaminate fate and transport characteristics. The investigation required multi-depth completion of monitoring wells to allow monitoring and testing of the various formations. Given neighboring water rights and water use in the area of the industrial ponds, water rights and potential impacts to water uses have been investigated and monitoring procedures have been implemented to protect historical use. In order to understand and predict the contaminant migration, a ground water model was developed to test remediation scenarios.