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  • Soil Gas Survey

    WET conducted a soil gas survey at a large above ground storage tank (AST) facility and surrounding neighborhoods in Northern Montana to assess potential vapor intrusion resulting from historical releases of crude oil from the Facility. The AST farm contains over one million gallons of oil storage capacity and has been in operation for nearly 100 years.

    The soil gas survey consisted of the installation of nearly 100 soil gas sorbent modules known as AGI Universal Samplers (manufactured by Amplified Geochemical Imaging, LLC) using handheld drilling equipment. The use of these techniques allowed WET field personnel to install the modules over a large geographical area in a matter of days with minimal, temporary disturbance to public and private property.

    The sampling effort allowed WET to assess the distribution of petroleum vapors in shallow soil gas across the survey area to help focus future investigation and remedial actions.


    Project activities were conducted in accordance with Montana’s Comprehensive Environmental Cleanup and Responsibility Act (CECRA) and other applicable environmental requirements.