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  • Clearwater Unit Road Inventory and Mapping Project

    WET was contracted to inventory roads and located in the Blackfoot and Clearwater River Basins of west-central Montana within a spatial accuracy of 40 feet. This involved working closely with the DNRC’s database standards to ensure all data would seamlessly update existing databases. Road data collection consisted of mapping all roads, structures, weeds and to evaluate if roads meet forest road BMP’s.  Road segments were also classified in maintenance categories depending on condition of BMPs and evidence of erosion or sediment delivery to streams.   All data collected by the WET was submitted to DNRC in shape file format following DNRC road database design. WET successfully inventoried approximately 440 miles of roads over the course of six weeks using ArcPad 10 software running on Trimble GPS’s with ArcMap 10 for data verification.