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  • Buffalo Gulch Storm Water Tunnel Rehabilitation

    Water and Environmental Technologies served as Engineer for the City/County of Butte-Silver Bow for a rehabilitation project involving a storm water tunnel built in the late 1800’s. A rehabilitation technology was chosen that allowed for a new pipe to be built within the tunnel that allowed for minimal surface impact resulting from construction activities. The space between the newly constructed pipe and the tunnel walls was then sealed off with a flowable grout to form a new storm water main. Construction support services included: survey coordination, construction bid documents, construction management and quality assurance testing, and technical support with local government.

    Survey Coordination

    A detailed underground survey was needed to develop an engineer’s cost estimate for the project. WET issued and awarded a contract to a firm specializing in underground surveys using point-cloud gathering equipment. The survey allowed WET to estimate material quantities for the construction costs of the project. WET coordinated with the firm’s management and field technicians to ensure proper quality control practices were in place and final deliverables for the survey portion of the project were met.

    Construction Bid Documents

    WET drafted construction bid documents including contracts, detailed plans, and specifications for the bidding of the project.

    Construction Management and Quality Assurance Testing

    WET provided construction management services for the duration of the project. Services included: weekly construction meetings and on-site construction oversight. Quality assurance testing was done during the course of the project to ensure compliance with the applicable specifications of the project. Quality assurance testing included: collection of grout samples to be analyzed at a third party laboratory, construction inspection during the rehabilitation construction of the tunnel, and a post-construction video of the rehabilitated tunnel. WET contracted and coordinated with the contractor to provide the video of the as-built conditions of the new storm water line.

    Technical Support with Local Government

    WET provided technical support to the municipality during the project construction. Any issues requiring technical support were addressed by WET.