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  • Transformer Yard Remediation

    Water & Environmental Technologies completed a cleanup of historic PCB contamination originating from historic transformers located at a hydroelectric plant along a Montana river.   This work and the final sampling data are included in an Environmental Assessment (EA) report as part of the requirements for acceptance in the Voluntary Cleanup and Recovery Act program. WET conducted waste characterization monitoring and delineation of streambank sediments while coordinating with Montana Department of Environmental Quality staff regarding potential chemicals of concern for DEQ.   Two sampling events were conducted to first further characterize contamination and delineate streambank impacts, and finally to define the specific areas exhibiting elevated concentrations of PCBs in excess of EPA RSLs. Two areas were identified as requiring remedial action. Addressing the impacts required permitting and/or coordination through agencies including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the local County Planning Department, the local Conservation District, Montana Department of Fish and Game, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and MDEQ Water Quality division, to allow remediation via excavation of sediments from the streambank and reconstruction of the streambank.   Contaminated sediments were removed from the areas of streambank and placed in a line waste containment pit. Following completion of the excavation activities the characterized waste was loaded and transported to US Ecology hazardous waste depository in Grand View, Idaho for disposal.