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    Two underground storage tanks (USTs) were removed on the south side of a street in a small Montana town on February 4, 2009. The two 1,000 gallon USTs were discovered while installing a water line. WET completed the permit application and provided the licensed remover for the project. Vapors and stained soil were noted during the removal. The tanks were inerted and oxygen and LEL measurements were collected to ensure that concentrations were at safe levels prior to removal. A photo-ionization detector (PID) was used as a screening instrument and readings ranged from 1,700 to 2,700 parts per million (ppm) in the soil near the tanks and in the water line trench to the east. WET contacted DEQ during removal to report a suspected release. Soil samples that were collected after the USTs were removed. Samples were collected approximately one foot below the bottom at each end of the USTs. In addition, two samples were collected in the water line trench to the east. The USTs were transported to a nearby landfill for disposal on the day of removal. Analytical results of the samples indicated most contamination to be from gasoline; however, some diesel range contamination was also present. Analytical results exceeded the Montana Risk Based Screening Levels (RBSLs) for soil.