A Master Plan serves as the guide to create sustainable future growth and development

Successful master planning requires thoughtful collection of information, technically rigorous engineering, and place-based design that results in long standing, flourishing communities.

The need for smart, sustainable solutions has never been greater than it is today. WET’s master planning services focus on end user-based input to develop achievable solutions to support sustainable community growth. WET integrates a wide variety of considerations and perspectives into the master planning process by addressing sustainability, user needs, image, context, cost, and functionality to create a cohesive master plan solution to guide future growth.

WET has the ability to carry out any combination of master planning services from our multidisciplinary profile. Our experience includes sustainable master plans for:

  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Regional Destination Parks
  • Parks and Trails Plans
  • Economic Development Districts
  • Subdivision and Community Planning
  • Design Standard Planning

WET has a unique integration of engineers, state of the art surveying, landscape architects, land use specialists, and urban planners, who work together to help clients realize their development potential, particularly when it comes to complex challenges. Our usage of advanced modelling software and geographic information systems (GIS) supports the analysis of options available and the subsequent communication of results.

Together with the client, WET’s holistic approach delivers master plans that serve diverse stakeholders and communities for years to come.