The WET team has broad experience in its ability to obtain grant funds on behalf of its clients

Depending on the type of project, various funding opportunities are available that can help defray costs to the owner, and make the dollars go further—In Montana, grant funding programs include:

WET has been a technical review contractor for the Montana DNRC for its RRGL and RDGP programs for over 15 years.

WET conducts grant application reviews according to DNRC rules, provides technical advice to DNRC staff, and attends meetings with staff and other reviewers to rank the projects.

As a result, WET knows specifically what these agencies look for in grant applications and has written many successful grants.

WET has also written successful MCEP and CDBG grants for clients, and our grant staff has a firm understanding of how to craft funding packages with multiple funding sources to maximize grant funds and the required match.