In July 2017, Water & Environmental Technologies (WET) merged with Bozeman engineering consultants Nicklin Earth & Water (NE&W).  NE&W has been in business in Bozeman since 1995 offering professional environmental, hydrologic, and Bozeman engineering services to clients in the region.  NE&W is known for performing environmental investigations and developing remedial alternatives for the Bozeman Solvent Site, developing groundwater models and conducting hydrologic evaluations for energy permitting and development, and evaluating water supply and permitting water rights for municipalities and developments.  “WET is excited to combine forces with a respected firm like Nicklin Earth and Water and expand our services to the Bozeman area”, according to Dave Erickson, President of WET.


NE&W founder, Michael Nicklin, PhD, PE, specializes in groundwater projects and has developed numerous groundwater models for a variety of environmental and engineering projects. He has recently developed four groundwater models to simulate and predict the groundwater response associated with proposed coal mine expansions in eastern Montana.


The WET-Bozeman Team also includes John Carstensen, PE, Stefanie Vandaele and Ashley Flammond, EI.  To provide additional expertise to the Bozeman office, Ashley has relocated from the WET-Butte office to provide full-service site development, subdivision permitting, and civil design services to the Bozeman area. Combined, the Bozeman Team offers over 70 years of professional experience.  The WET-Bozeman team works closely with the other WET offices, accessing significant additional resources and expertise on behalf of our clients.


WET’s Bozeman Team looks forward to providing professional, timely and cost-effective environmental and civil engineering solutions to individuals, businesses, industries, and institutions throughout the region.  The Bozeman office is located at 151 Evergreen Drive, Suite A in north Bozeman.  Searching for Engineering Consultants Bozeman? Please call us at 406-582-0413 to discuss our full service environmental and engineering capabilities.


 To learn more about the entire WET team, visit: httpss://


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