Butte, Montana

WET recently won a project to create a Sustainability Health and Resilience Plan (SHARP) for Silver-Bow County. WET is managing the project, and the project is overseen by the National Center for Appropriate Technology and the Resilient Butte

Committee and in partnership with Butte-Silver Bow and Montana Tech. The SHARP Plan is taking an alternative path from most climate action plans—it is prioritizing funding to align action items to obtainable implementation goals. The group has already been working with other organizations across the state, such as Climate Smart Missoula, to identify opportunities and constraints. The SHARP Plan will:

  • Implement the robust public strategy to build recognition and support across the community
  • Align the efforts of multiple organizations to a clear path
  • Work with Montana Technological University to collaborate in outreach and research
  • Identify key community groups that are missing from the public input to develop a strategy to diversity response groups
  • Identify funding resources and assist in the preparation of grant writing
  • Develop a toolkit for presenting the information
  • Developing a branding and marketing campaign for the Resilient Butte Committee
  • Communicate with stakeholders, such as the community health department, watershed committees, Action Inc, energy providers and more