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  • Stream Restoration


    WET personnel have completed multiple stream reconstruction and bank restoration projects on both small and mid-size waterbodies.


    Our staff recognizes the importance of understanding a stream’s hydrology, sediment supply, and transport mechanisms to ensure that a successful design is selected and implemented. The restoration staff has attended many applied fluvial geomorphology training classes on river assessment and design, and have implemented successful restoration strategies in the field. Our staff has also designed multiple “soft” bank restoration projects on area streams. The regulatory climate has moved away from hard armoring (rip-rap, etc.) to designs that result in more natural channel features.


    In addition to bank and stream restoration design, WET has designed, permitted and constructed a new fish pond for a local community. The project was part of a large-scale land restoration project and new park/open space project.


    Visit one of our latest stream restoration projects here and see for yourself the type of work WET can provide for your next project.


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