WET’s multi-disciplinary approach to soil and groundwater remediation integrates technical expertise for complex projects

Our team includes experts in environmental geochemistry, remediation technology, geotechnical engineering, regulatory compliance, and environmental engineering.

Dedicated to being an environmental advocate for our clients, WET provides full and constant support across the entire project lifecycle, from planning to site investigation, design, construction implementation, and regulatory compliance.

WET will delineate the magnitude and extent of contamination, as well as design a pilot study of the proposed remediation technology to ensure the completion of a successful project.

WET has applied remedial design technologies including air sparging, vapor extraction, bioremediation, pump and treat, activated carbon, over-excavation, ORC injection, NAPL free-product recovery, and many others.

Remedial designs have addressed contaminants of concern including gasoline, diesel, various organic solvents, chromium, lead, mercury, creosote, metals, nutrients, OCR constituents, pentachlorophenol, dieldrin, aldrin, chlordane, lindane, and others.