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    WET’s Environmental Services team of professionals has the tools and capabilities to assess environmental impacts as well as the ability to conduct wildlife studies and prepare biological resource reports of proposed construction projects. Utilizing literature reviews and on-site presence/absence surveys to identify plant and wildlife species within a project area, an inventory of possibly affected species can be formulated.


    Delineating critical habitat such as wetlands, nest sites and other biologically important habitats will aid in wildlife mitigation and critical habitat loss. Once a wildlife inventory is formulated, WET can assess any impacts the construction may have on sensitive, threatened and endangered species and can provide construction alternatives to alleviate those impacts. Identifying and delineating noxious weed infestations and proposing effective weed eradication options may allow for quicker reclamation to native vegetation. Also, by proposing BMPs, such as vegetative buffers and fiber rolls, poor water quality can be avoided in surface waters that may be affected with increased sediment loads from construction.


    WET works with federal, state and local governmental agencies to ensure that our clients are working within the law and will not be left open to legal action or governmental sanctions. WET is proficient in ascertaining floodplain status and acquiring floodplain permits as well as other local, state and federal permits related to a project. WET is knowledgeable and capable of developing environmental documents in compliance with NEPA.



    Environmental Services for the lending & real estate market:
    In the lending and real estate market, WET can provide an invaluable tool in a property transaction. Whether it is commercial, residential, or rural property, proper identification and analysis of environmental hazards can prevent costly cleanup bills and excessive financial exposure for buyers, sellers, and lenders. WET has performed Phase I, II, and III environmental audits on properties from small commercial buildings to large ranch properties.


    Each Phase I assessment consists of a comprehensive background and records search, to identify past property uses and possible hazardous waste operations. An on-site investigation of the property is then performed focused on identifying current or past practices that may present an environmental liability, such as chemical use, fuel tanks, waste management, illegal dumping, etc. A final report is then prepared summarizing the assessment results and recommending future action at the site, if necessary. All assessments are completed in accordance with ASTM 2000 Standards.


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    Tobacco River Sediment and Habitat Assessment
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