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  • Small MT Town – Restoration Project


    Water & Environmental Technologies started investigation work in a local Montana town in 2002 with a detailed Geoprobe investigation and deeper air rotary drilling to define a gasoline plume in a residential area. As a result of findings from data collection activities, a citizen’s restoration group (SRG) filed suit against the PRP and were awarded a restoration and punitive settlement by the court that was later upheld by Montana’s Supreme Court. The SRG then contracted with WET to provide remediation services to remove the plume from the residential neighborhood. WET instituted a two part remedial action: 1. Excavation of the shallow soil plume, and 2. Multiphase extraction of the deeper soil and ground water plume. This project involved permitting of a soil treatment landfarm, treatment of contaminated ground water and discharge vapors from the remediation system, removal of abandon underground storage tanks and product lines, and a detailed monitoring plan to track the effectiveness of remedial actions.