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  • Montana Municipal Landfill

    WET was hired to do work for a 130-acre municipal landfill in Montana. Work on the project involved: collection and compaction of municipal solid wastes; soil stockpiling; waste oil collection and storage; battery collection and storage; yard waste storage; and composting.


    WET personnel prepared a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the BSB Landfill to comply with the Multi-Sector General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity (MTR000194). Permit compliance requires three types of self-inspections that must be performed: Routine Facility Inspections, Inspections After Significant Storm Events (0.5-inch), and Comprehensive Site Inspection/ Annual Report. WET worked with the Landfill Supervisor to develop forms and conduct annual inspections.


    In response to a 2012 MPDES Industrial Storm Water Audit, WET prepared a work plan to address audit compliance suggestions and improvements to storm water controls.   Oversight and a remediation report were provided.


    WET personnel conduct storm water discharge sampling on an as-needed basis and prepare quarterly Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) for MDEQ. WET provides annual training, as required by the Multi-Sector General Permit.