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  • MDT Harrison Avenue Reconstruction

    During the period from March through October 2011, WET provided environmental oversight of the reconstruction of approximately 6000 feet of Harrison Avenue in Butte, Montana. Services provided included routine inspections of the construction progression with specific attention to potential historical subsurface contamination within the right-of-way. Primary concerns were former USTs and historic mine wastes. Nine USTs were encountered during the work at three locations.   WET provided licensed tank removal oversight at two locations, while MDT personnel oversaw tank removal at a third location. Tank removal activities included testing and inerting tanks and providing oversight for over-excavation of contaminated soils and verification sampling. Also, WET was requisitioned to conduct verification sampling at one tank site using its Geoprobe 5410 direct-push drill rig.  In addition, WET characterized and directed segregation of mine wastes encountered over an approximate 500 feet construction length in the vicinity of the Metro Storm Drain.