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  • Power Plant Landfill Closure

    WET personnel provided complete design and construction oversight for a monolithic evapo-transpiration (ET) cover for a combustion waste landfill with existing steep slopes (greater than 1:1 in many places) located at a coal fired power plant in Utah.   The landfill cover was designed using over 500,000 cubic yards of reject material from a nearby coal mine. The reject material was tested for cover suitability and deemed appropriated for the project. Using the reject material benefited both entities by providing a way to re-use waste materials in final closure. A complete re-vegetation plan was also part of the design. Complete storm water analysis and modeling were performed for the project and new retention/detention structures were designed and constructed to accommodate the design storm event. The project began with an aerial survey. These surveys are conducted annually at the site and are generally used for tracking volumes of ash and industrial waste at the two landfill sites. WET established new control points at the site that could be easily identifiable by WET’s’ engineers. These control points were used to set-up a coordinate system in WET’s survey equipment so that all the design data done in the office could be translated to the field. The control points closed within 0.06 ft., which was well within the tolerances of the project. Grade staking was done by loading a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) into Water and Environmental Technologies’ survey equipment so that final grade elevations could be staked out for the contractor. WET served as the lead in all design aspects and in oversight/liaison roles with contractors and suppliers.