June 15, 2023

Presented by WET’s Diversity & Inclusion Education Committee

Want to Come to a Local Pride Event?
  • Missoula—June 3-5 (www.missoula-pride.com)
  • Kalispell/Columbia Falls—June 9-12 GQA (glacierqueeralliance.org)
  • Anaconda—June 12 @ Kennedy Commons
  • Bozeman—June 18, 7pm – @ Rialto – Bozeman Pride Night (70’s Disco)
  • Great Falls—June 24, 6-10pm -Totally Gay 80’s Prom @ Black Eagle Community Center Social Events– Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center (greatfallslgbtqcenter.org/services/social-events)
  • Butte—June 25, 8pm @ Drunk’n Miner Saloon–Flash Back to 80’s Theme Night
  • Butte—July 2, 5-10pm @ Veteran’s Memorial in Stodden Park
  • Helena—July 17-23 (www.montanapride.org)
  • Sheridan, WY—Celebrations were in May! Advocacy—Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+ (lgbtqsheridanwy.net)

Brief History of Pride

Pride, as we know it today, celebrates the anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. In June 1969, police violently raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City. The Stonewall Inn served as a safe haven for the city’s gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

As police began arresting folks, the crowd grew angry, and a riot ensued that lasted several days. Though this wasn’t the first time LGBTQ+ people stood up against police abuse and harassment, it is the best-known. The confrontation turned out to be a watershed moment, as LGBTQ+ gay activists stood up to police and built the community that would fuel the growth of the gay rights movement worldwide.

Why are We Still Celebrating Pride?

Despite progress over the years, LGBTQ+ folks continue to face disproportionate challenges in their everyday lives. Anti-LGBTQ+ laws, violent crimes, discrimination, increased risk for mental illness, and other challenges indicate that there is still a lot of work to be done before LGBTQ+ people experience equality. Montana is ranked 45th out of 51 states (including Washington DC), in LGBTQ+ safety rankings. Wyoming is ranked 43rd.

To see how other states compare, go here!

How can Allies Celebrate Pride?

Everyone is welcome to celebrate Pride. If you are not part of the LGBTQ+ community, use this day to lift up and celebrate people who are.