Landscape architecture is one of WET’s newest services that we are proud to offer

Landscape architecture is the planning and implementation of the interface between the built and natural environments. It encompasses a wide range of projects and needs ranging from shaded bikeways on complete streets to multi-acre green infrastructure corridors. Simply put, it’s your environment, designed. WET creates thoughtful, site-specific designs at all scales and in all communities. From helping a homeowner turn a soil issue into a backyard oasis to planning regional park amenities for all ages, WET is here to help.

The success of our projects comes from getting to know each site and client, individually. Much of our process focuses on the analysis and planning, before the design begins, to ensure the solution satisfies the constraints and exceeds expectations. We also make sure our strategy is in it for the long haul–we design for longevity, with budget in mind.

Some of the services we offer are the design and planning of:

  • Subdivisions
  • Greenways, Parks, and Trails
  • Commercial and Multi-Use Site Developments
  • Urban Placemaking and Streetscapes
  • Campus, Institutional, and Healthcare Environments
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Gateways, Entry, and Transportation Corridors
  • Reclamation/Restoration
  • Community Planning
  • Residential

The best part is that WET is part of a collaborative team. This means if complex permitting is required, if site remediation is necessary, or if grant writing is needed, WET has that knowledge and more under one roof. What that equates to is fewer points of contact for clients, less passing back and forth of projects, and more room for teamwork. From raw ground to finished project, we can help you every step of the way.

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